SLOILS S-series Syn Long Life Air Compressor Oil

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
United States
Brand Name:
SLOILS S-series Syn Air Compressor Oil
Air Compressors
Compressor Oil
Synthetic Blend for 8000 working hours
General Composition:
Synthetic Hydrocarbon
Model Number:
ISO 32:
Trade code:S1020
ISO 46:
Trade code:S1030
ISO 68:
Trade code:S1040
ISO 100:
Trade code:S1050
ISO 150:
Trade code:S1060
Working Hours:
up to 8000 hours
Usage (Industrial):
Screw Air Compressors
Synthetic Compressors oil
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
200lts/drum, 20lts/pail


Synthetic long life air compressor oil for 8000 working hours

High quality, synthetic lubricants cover a wide range of equipment and operational heavy duty conditions. All grades offer significant reduction in operation costs by ensuring air compressors operating with long service life and minimal deposits.
Outstanding resistance to oxidation with the formulated high temperature ashless anti oxidant, anti foam and other synthetized compounded additives which providing up to 10 times the service life of mineral oils.
Offer extended service life in rotary screw compressor by up to 8,000 hours and reduced deposits in both single and multi stage reciprocating air compressors.
They have distinctive properties over most mineral based oils in reducing sludge and varnish built-up, lowering oil consumption, and an added de-aeration property to provide rapid air release in maintaining good oil film and provide ensure lubricity between all moving parts especially those
subjected to percussive action