SLOILS FMO1540 Friction Modified Engine Oil

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
United States
Brand Name:
SLOILS FMO1540 Frcition Modified Engine Oil
High Performance Engine Oil
Engine Oil SAE 15W40
General Composition:
Synthetic Blend with Friction Modifiers
Model Number:
Dark Brownish
API specification:
Oil Drain Interval:
up to 10,000km
Added Value:
fortified with Friction Modifiers
Added Benefit:
Excellent Fuel Saving
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
200lts/drum, 20lts/pail and 4lts/can
4ltsx6cans per box

An high performance oil designed to meet the latest car manufacturers warranty requirements and
specially formulated to meet the demands of the small displacement high RPM fuel efficient engines found in todays domestic and foreign automobiles.
It is synthetically blended with the latest technologies of the Friction Modifiers for
high performance reserves in high-output gasoline and diesel engine designs, to meet the naturally aspirated turbocharged heavy duty cars, trucks, buses, construction, industrial and motorbikes requirements.
Protects engine for top reliable cold starting because of the short oiling time which means reliable lubrication of all friction points in engine after starting. Designed to effectively combat sludge and varnish formation, it is a premium oil with the distinctive Friction Modifiers which reduces friction at full throttle operations and improves fuel economy.
It contributes outstanding lubrication performance which protects against high temperature oxidation, water and viscosity breakdown. It is fortified with detergent-dispersant and rust and corrosion inhibitors to keep engines exceptional clean and free of sludge